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Ofcom announces “light license” regime for GPS repeaters in UK

10th April 2013

Ofcom announces light license regime for GNSS (GPS) repeaters in the UK

Ofcom have finalised their “light licensing regime” for the use of GPS repeaters in the UK

This is the final piece in the jigsaw that allows use of GPS repeaters to provide satellite signals inside buildings where previously it was not possible.

All repeater equipment offered by FalTech GPS is CE-approved and complies with R&TTE Directive (1999/5/EC), and operates within Ofcom’s guidelines set out in their Authorisation Regime dated 20 June 2012.  Scroll to the foot of the page on the Ofcom site, listed under “Main documents”.

The reason for the implementation of a licensing regime is essentially for Ofcom to keep detailed records of the whereabouts of GPS repeater equipment.

Because there is a small risk of wireless interference from the repeater equipment (which can be kept to a minimum by following simple installation guidelines) Ofcom can more easily pinpoint the cause if exact locations are known.

Further guidance relating to licensing in the UK here.


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