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GPS over fibre splitter with up to 64 optical connections

GNSS/GPS splitter with optical fibre input and 8/16/32/64 optical output connections.

The ViaLiteHD multi-zone optical splitter is designed to minimize rack space, taking up just 1RU of height for 8/16/32 ports or 2RU for the 64-port option.

Ideal for a data centre fan-out environment where up to 64 devices (for example, NTP servers) can share a single GPS antenna.

Also can be used to distribute GPS signal throughout a large building, using existing single-mode fibre cables.

GNSS/GPS Multi-zone optical splitter

ViaLiteHD GNSS splitter with up to 32 optical connections
  • Point to multi-point
  • Splitting function is lossless
  • Multiple configuration options
  • SC/APC or FC/APC connectors

  • 8, 16, 32, 64 optical outputs

  • SNMP built in

  • Dual redundant PSU
  • 5 year warranty
GPS over fibre system using ViaLiteHD Blue OEM components

Example configuration

This system distributes GNSS/GPS signal throughout a large building via single mode fibre.

Incoming signal from the external antenna is converted to an optical signal by the TX unit, before being transmitted down the fibre optic cable to an RX unit inside the splitter.

The TX unit is typically equipped with a 1550nm laser, incurring only 0.2dB/km signal loss.  Optical signals from a 1550nm laser can also be amplified where required, making it ideal for use in a lossless splitter.

Fibre optic cables terminate on ViaLiteHD Blue OEM RX units that convert light back to RF signals.

Each optical output from the splitter provides a fibre optic connection right up to each end point.

The RX units connect to a GPS repeater or similar receiving device via a low-loss coaxial cable.

Each optical output provides a fibre optic connection right up to each end point.

Applications for a lossless optical splitter

  • Data centre network timing devices

  • Financial institution network timing

  • Scientific facility timing distribution

  • Cellular 4G/5G base station timing

  • Satcom earth station signal distribution

  • Splitting function is lossless

Alternative GPS over fibre solutions

Extend an antenna feeder cable far beyond the limitations of coaxial cable.

32-port splitter with optical input and up to 32 coaxial RF outputs.

GPS over fibre systems

Available as a complete solution, including

  • antenna with mount
  • coaxial cables
  • fibre optic cable
  • optical units

Or the optical units can be supplied separately.

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