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About FalTech GPS

FalTech GPS is a company specialized in GNSS (GPS) technology, providing indoor coverage solutions that allow GPS-enabled devices to be used, tested, repaired and calibrated inside any building or space where it was previously impossible.

Most of the available solutions are based around a GPS repeater (sometimes called a re-radiator) that amplifies the signal received by an outdoor antenna and makes it available indoors.

We have repeaters available for the GPS L1 band (1575MHz), the L2 band (1227MHz), the Russian GLONASS system (1602MHz) and the European system known as Galileo (1575MHz).

We supply repeater systems in kit form – all the components you need come as a complete package with full installation instructions.

For those situations where a standard kit isn’t enough, we are happy to provide a custom-designed solution based on your specific requirements.

To overcome the limitations of coaxial cables over long distance we can specify a GPS-over-fibre solution that extends the feeder cable up to approximately 10km on single-mode fibre.

Our experience comes from several years in RF and IT-related industries, which places us perfectly to advise on the ideal solution for your indoor coverage needs.

FalTech GPS is based in Falmouth, Cornwall and has supplied GPS repeater systems all over the UK, Europe and North America.

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