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GPS Repeaters – Current Legislation (UK)

In July 2012, Ofcom authorised the use of GPS repeaters in then UK via a “light license regime”.

The full authorisation statement (PDF format), including a full explanation on the need for a license can be found here in the Main Documents section towards the bottom of the page.

Check out para 2.5 of the statement …..

This applies to the use of GPS repeaters in any of the following three frequency bands:

  1. 1164 – 1215 MHz
  2. 1215 – 1300 MHz
  3. 1559 – 1610 MHz


Licenses are available by completing an application form which is downloadable direct from the Ofcom website.

Click on the “GNSS repeaters” tab to find a license application form in PDF and RTF formats, and guidance notes in PDF.

If you have any difficulties at all let us know and we’ll email you all that you need.

NEW: full Ofcom license application instructions here.

Conditions of a license are as follows:

  • The license term is indefinite and ensures that Ofcom have an archive database of all sites that are or have been licensed;
  • There is a one-time fee of £75 per license;
  • Licenses may be traded on an outright or concurrent basis;
  • Permits the use of multiple installations of GNSS re-radiating elements at one address;
  • Can only apply to a defined fixed location, i.e. not for mobile (e.g. vehicular) use
  • Only to be used indoors
  • Equipment must comply with the current ETSI standard for GNSS repeaters

All Roger-GPS repeaters and ancillary components, such as splitters and amplifiers, comply with the requirements of the following ETSI directives:

Relating to EMC:
EN 302 645 (V1.1.1);
EN 301 489-1 (V1.8.1);
EN 301 489-3 (V1.4.1).

Relating to RF:
EN 302 645 (V1.1.1)


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