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Custom Designed Systems

If a standard, fixed-configuration kit doesn’t provide the coverage you need, we can engineer a solution specifically for your environment.
Why would you need a bespoke design? Here are some of the aspects that we may have to consider:
The antenna feeder cable length is longer than the 30M length available in a kit.

RF240 coaxial cable is supplied as standard with all kits.

Cables are pre-cut and terminated with a choice of 10m, 20m and 30m lengths.

If a longer cable is required we can:

  • Upgrade to a cable that inserts less loss through attenuation, such as RF400
  • Insert a GPS amplifier in the cable run
  •  …..or both of the above

The repeater system needs to provide coverage in more than one area or room.
We have a range of signal splitters and amplifiers that can be engineered into a solution to provide coverage over a wider area, or multiple areas, within a facility.
We consider parameters such as cable lengths, physical environment, availability of mains power etc, and provide technical drawings to illustrate the proposed solution.
Here’s the largest custom-designed system that I am aware of.

Example of a custom-designed system

This system covers the interior of a large industrial unit that is divided into a number of separate laboratories where signal is required.
  • An amplifier boosts the signal to overcome attenuation losses in the cables, and the insertion loss across the splitter.

  • The splitter distributes the incoming signal to up to five repeater units – 1:2 splitter also available.

  • DC power from one of the repeater units is passed through the coaxial cables to provide power to the amplifier and the antenna.

Components of a custom-designed system GPS repeater system

GPS amplifier

Allows for longer cable runs between the outdoor GPS antenna and the indoor repeater unit(s).

Signal gain is +16dB across the GNSS band of 1200 to 1700 MHz; supporting GPS L1 and L2, GLONASS and Galileo simultaneously.

A built-in filter removes unwanted signals that may have entered the cable.

The amplifier requires a 5V DC power supply which is fed through the coaxial cable from the attached repeater unit(s).

The DC voltage is also passed through to the outdoor GPS receiving antenna.

GPS amplifier for L1, L2, GLONASS, Galileo, 16dB gain

GPS amplifier tech data

GPS splitter 1:2

Connects the the signal from one external antenna to up to two repeater units.

Supports GPS L1 & L2, GLONASS, Galileo.

It is sometimes necessary to use a separate amplifier in conjunction with the splitter to ensure adequate signal strength to all the repeaters – if in doubt call or email FalTech for technical advice.

If the signal is to be transmitted to just one repeater (for example if a second device is to be installed later) the unused port should be fitted with a 50 ohm terminator.

S2 v2

    GPS splitter 1:2 tech data

    GPS splitter 1:5

    Distributes the incoming signal from one external antenna to up to five GPS repeater/receiver units.

    Supports GPS L1 & L2, GLONASS, Galileo.

    • Sometimes necessary to use a separate amplifier with the splitter to overcome signal losses through attenuation.
    • Upgrading to a lower-loss cable may also be enough – if in doubt call or email FalTech for technical advice.
    • Spare/unused ports should be fitted with a 50 ohm terminator.
    • One port passes DC voltage from repeater to GPS antenna, to provide power for LNA (-4dB signal loss).
    • The other four ports are DC-blocked (-12dB signal loss).


    GPS splitter 1:5 tech data

    Combined amplifier/splitter 1:3

    This versatile unit is a combined GPS amplifier/splitter.

    It has a built-in 16dB line amplifier with a splitter that passes signal to up to three separate GPS repeater/receiver units.

    Three configuration options:

    1. Inline amplifier with 16dB gain
    2. GPS splitter unit (1:3)
    3. Combined line amplifier with splitter 1:3


    GPS amp/splitter tech data

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