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Indoor GPS Coverage Solutions

GPS repeater kits come with all you need for a straightforward installation.
Each kit contains:
  • Outdoor GPS antenna with mounting bracket and cable guide
  • Coaxial antenna feeder – comes in lengths of 10M, 20M and 30M
  • Indoor repeater unit with AC/DC power adapter

Custom-designed GPS repeater systems

for situations where a standard kit doesn’t meet your requirements.
If one of our kits doesn’t give you the coverage you need, let us know and we will help design a system to your specific criteria
  • When the required antenna cable is longer than 30 metres (we have very low-loss cables available)
  • There is more than one area within your facility that needs coverage
  • A specific type of antenna is needed (ruggedised, covert, etc)

GPS-over-fibre systems

Extending the antenna feeder cable beyond the reach of coaxial cable.

Optical fibre links provide a reliable way of transporting GPS signals over long distances and to inaccessible locations.

Extends the distance from outdoor antenna to indoor repeater/receiver up to several kilometres if needed.

Useful for distributing GPS-derived timing signals inside large buildings, such as data centres.

Solutions available for single-mode and multi-mode fiber types.

Iridium repeater kits

Allow use of Iridium handsets and modems inside any signal-denied area.

Fiber optic Iridium repeaters extend the reach from outdoor antennas to indoor antennas up to three kilometres.

Coaxial Iridium repeater kits are used in situations where a longer reach isn’t necessary, such as hangars.

Typically used in:

  • Large buildings

  • Underground facilities
  • Military bunkers
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Disaster/emergency communications
  • Ships/oil rigs

GNSS/GPS in-line amplifiers and splitters.

GNSS inline amplifiers extend the distance between the outdoor antenna and the indoor GPS repeater/receiver.

High quality, rugged and watertight construction; 12dB or 21dB gain and a range of connector options.

A GNSS/GPS splitter connects an external antenna to two receivers or repeaters simultaneously.

Housed in a robust enclosure, the splitters are available with TNC or N-Type connectors.

Splitters and amplifiers have a pass-band that is optimised to pass only signals within the GNSS frequency range.

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Licensing of GPS repeaters in the UK.

Licensing of GPS repeaters in Canada.

Licensing of GPS repeaters in the USA.

Roger-GPS: repeater equipment certifications.

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