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For Hangars, Workshops, Tunnels, Mines, Fire Stations and Police Stations

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GPS coverage inside any indoor space where it wouldn’t normally reach – by using a GPS repeater system…

GPS Repeater Kits­ Iridium repeaters­

Available for a range of applications

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GPS Repeater Kits

GPS Repeater Kits come with all you need for a straightforward installation.

  • One kit covers up to 1,200 sq metres
  • Wireless indoor coverage
  • Kits available for GPS L1/L2/GLONASS/Galileo
  • Easy to install – full instructions provided

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GPS Repeaters

A GPS repeater system (sometimes referred to as a GPS re-radiator) is used to bring satellite signals indoors, providing positioning and timing signals inside areas where not usually present.

Our customers use indoor GPS coverage solutions in a wide range of applications from commercial electronics test and repair facilities to emergency vehicles being kept “on the grid” when inside fire, police or ambulance stations.

Repeaters are available to cover the GPS L1 and Galileo band (1.575GHz), the GPS L2 band (1.227GHz) and the GLONASS band (1.602GHz).

Most of the repeater modules are available in a choice of standard IP51 and waterproof IP67 enclosures.

We have GPS repeater kits available that come with all you need to bring the signal inside your facility.

For larger or more complex situations we will work with you to create a custom-designed system that specifically addresses your coverage requirements.

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Below is a small sample of some of our clients.

 RIG IT.COM logo  Arqiva logo Blue Bear Systems Research logo
RIG-IT.COM LTD experienced installer of GPS repeater equipment ARQIVA major communications infrastructure and media services company BLUE BEAR SYSTEMS RESEARCH unmanned aerospace and maritime systems
 Syrinix Logo  nevis company logo  GVITS logo
SYRINIX intelligent pipeline monitoring and leak detection  NEVIS COMPUTERS LTD IT solutions for businesses of any size  GVITS   Gipping Valley IT services
 HFRS Crest web ECFRS Logo  LFRS logo
HFRS Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service ECFRS Essex County Fire & Rescue Service  LFR Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue
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TomTom navigation and mapping Leica Geosystems Transport Management Solutions Ltd –  far more than vehicle tracking
Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service Nissan Cars Tesla Cars


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