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GPS Repeaters For Aircraft Hangars

The structure of an aircraft hangar can block the ingress of GPS signals, making it impossible to test on-board navigation equipment without pushing the aircraft outside where it has a view of the sky.

GPS repeater in hangar

A GPS repeater system overcomes this physical barrier by transferring the outdoor signals to the interior of the hangar, which means all maintenance work can be carried out indoors.

A repeater system installed in an aircraft hangar:

  • Receives the satellite signals via an external GPS antenna
  • Sends the signals down a coaxial cable to a repeater unit (sometimes multiple units) inside the hangar
  • The repeater amplifies and re-radiates the signals indoors so that all GPS receivers within range can use the outdoor signals.


GPS repeater in a military hangar

L1L2 repeater in hardened aircraft shelter


In a military situation, the same applies regarding the ability to carry out maintenance without leaving the safety of the hangar.

Additionally, a fighter jet would normally experience a satellite acquisition delay when exiting the hangar in a hurry – the time-to-first-fix (TTFF) could be a dangerously long period of time.

A GPS repeater ensures that fighters always have GPS lock when inside the hangar to ensure there is no satellite acquisition delay upon exit  



GPS frequency bands covered

Repeater systems are available to cover the following frequencies:

  • GPS L1 (1575 MHz)
  • GPS L2 (1227 MHz)
  • GLONASS G1 (1602 MHz)
  • Galileo E1 (1575 MHz)
  • Beidou B1 (1561 MHz)


Repeaters systems are available for a range of signal requirements

A repeater kit for GPS L1 signals is available here.

This repeater kit provides GPS L1 with GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou signals.

The addition of an L2 signal gives a much more accurate positional fix and is widely used in military and civil aviation applications, as well as for highly-accurate geo-surveying applications.

A repeater kit for GPS L1, L2, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou signals is available here.

Coverage Area

The repeater unit has a built-in re-radiating antenna with a beam width of approximately 180 degrees, with a hemi-spherical-shaped radiation pattern.

The coverage area achieved is partly determined by the height of the repeater above the ground.

Generally – one repeater unit placed 10 meters above ground level will provide coverage within a 40-50 meters diameter.

Two GPS repeaters installed in a hangar roof space, at a height of 10 meters

Repeaters can also be wall-mounted with their signal beaming horizontally across the indoor space; signal will reach 40-50 meters in clear space

Further Information

A repeater kit comes with all you need to get indoor GPS signal in your hangar.

For larger areas where one single repeater is not enough we can offer you a custom-designed-system to meet your exact requirement.

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