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Iridium Repeaters – Frequently Asked Questions

Questions frequently asked about all aspects of Iridium repeaters.

What is the frequency of operation used by the Iridium satellite telephony system?

Iridium signals are within the range 1616 to 1626.5 MHz.

Where are your Iridium repeater products made?
Originally designed and built for military use, the repeater systems are made by Global Foxcom.
What is the maximum distance from outdoor to indoor antennas?
Single mode fibre optic cable operates over a distance of 3Km.
Where are Iridium repeaters used?
Global Foxcom’s GPS-over-Fibre repeater is the ideal solution for mobile satellite connectivity in any indoor location, such as a control room, an operations room and a military bunker.
The distance from outdoor to indoor antennas is quite short, do I need an optical fibre system?

For situations where physical separation of up to 3Km is not required, the outdoor unit (ODU) and indoor unit (IDU) are combined into one enclosure, with coaxial connectors only for antenna connections.

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