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GPS Repeaters For Police Stations

When officers are inside a building, their hand-portable radio (Sepura, Motorola, etc) will not be able to receive a GPS signal due to the blocking effect of the building structure.


The effect of this is that the officer’s location will continually be reported to the command centre as the last time the radio device was receiving a live signal from the satellites, i.e. just before entering the building.

When the officer leaves the station it can often take several minutes to re-acquire a GPS fix.

During the period of time between leaving the building and re-acquiring a satellite fix the officer’s radio would be still be transmitting incorrect location data to the command and control centre.

Installed in a police station, GPS repeaters ensure that:

  • All hand-portable radios receive a live GPS satellite signal while indoors.
  • Each officer’s radio is “locked on” to the GPS satellites at all times.
  • When officers leave the station their personal radio device will immediately start transmitting accurate, up-to-date location data to the command and control centre.
  • There is zero satellite acquisition delay when leaving the building.
  • Response times not missed due to lack of navigation information.

FalTech Ltd has supplied GPS repeaters for use in police stations over the last nine years.

In most cases a free survey and test/demo installation is available on request.

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A repeater kit comes with all you need to get indoor GPS signal in your building.  Kits include an outdoor antenna, antenna mount, coaxial cable and indoor GPS repeater unit.

For larger areas where one single repeater is not enough we can offer you a custom-designed-system to meet your exact requirement.

Case study of the largest GPS repeater installation that we know of in an underground police garage

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