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GPS over fibre splitter with up to 32 coaxial connections

GNSS/GPS splitter with optical fibre input and 8-32 coaxial output connections.

The ViaLiteHD GPS splitter is designed to minimize rack space, taking up just 1RU of height.

The chassis is available with 1-4 RF over fibre receivers with 8-32 outputs depending on configuration.

All 8-32 channels can be lossless when paired with the appropriate optical receiver (RX) unit.

Ideal for a data centre fan-out environment where up to 16 devices can share a single GPS antenna.

Local Integrated GPS splitter

GPS over fibre 32 port splitter
  • Point to multi-point
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Splitting function is lossless
  • 1 x 8, 2 x 8, 4 x 8, 1 x 16, 2 x 16
  • Up to 4 GPS optical receivers
  • Optional SNMP card

  • Dual redundant PSU
  • 5 year warranty

The internal RX unit inserts signal gain to ensure lossless transmission to attached devices.

Groups of 8, 16 or 32 ports can be allocated to different clients in a data centre environment.

Or all 32 can be made available in one space and shared between one client/application group.

Internal splitters have either 8 or 16 ports, mapped to the rear-mounted RF connectors.

For a 32-port splitter, at least two optical inputs will be required.

Example configuration

  • 1 x GPS-over-fibre TX module
  • 1 x Local integrated splitter chassis
  • 1 x built-in optical RX module
  • 1 x internal 8-port splitter
  • 8 x coaxial output connections

Configuration Options
GPS RF splitter outputs8 | 16 | 32
Optical RX units1 – 4 optical receivers; single port and dual port
Optical connectionsBlind mate; hot swappable
Built-in SNMPInternal HRC-3 SNMP module
Built-in amplifierUp to 25dB gain
Mains power240 VAC; Dual redundant PSU
DC power+48 VDC input

This very flexible RF splitter can be configured in many different ways.

For assistance with your application, do get in touch and let us help create the most appropriate system for you.

GPS over fibre systems

Available as a complete solution, including

  • antenna with mount
  • coaxial cables
  • fibre optic cable
  • optical units

Or the optical units can be supplied separately.

Contact FalTech to discuss your requirements  – details below.

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