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GPS Repeaters For Agriculture

When parked inside a building, precision agriculture machinery can’t receive a GPS signal due to the blocking effect of the building structure.

This means the machinery has to be moved outside to get a view of the sky so that GPS systems can be tested after installation or repair.

Another consequence of being under cover is that when a machine is moved outside again, it can take several minutes for the acquisition of satellite signals to provide a fix.

The problem is that the GPS signals, having travelled 12,500 miles from the satellites in orbit above the Earth, are too weak to penetrate the building structure.


A GPS repeater system installed in a farm building or manufacturing plant ensures that:

  • All equipment receives a “live” GPS satellite signal whilst indoors.
  • Satellite-guided farming equipment is “locked on” to the GPS satellites at all times when indoors.
  • When machines leave the building they already have GPS lock and are “ready to use”.
  • There is no prolonged wait for satellite acquisition to happen when leaving the building.

GPS repeater installation guide

  1. A receiving antenna is placed where it has the best possible view of the sky, generally on the roof. This ensures it can “see” as many satellites as possible.
  2. The signal propagates down a coaxial cable into a repeater unit that re-radiates the signal into the indoor space.
  3. A single repeater unit can provide indoor coverage over a radius of approximately 35 – 40 metres when mounted at a height of 10 metres.
  4. Repeater equipment is available in standard moulded plastic boxes, or in IP67 waterproof enclosures.

Further Information

A repeater kit comes with all you need to get indoor GPS signal in your building.

For larger areas where one single repeater is not enough we can offer you a custom-designed-system to meet your exact requirement.

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