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How To Solve Your Fire Station GPS Coverage Problem

4th June 2021

Many fire stations encounter the issue of a lack of GPS coverage inside the building. This can result in unnecessary delays and longer callout times, as well as increased general confusion. Fortunately, the solution to the problem is relatively simple.

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What Is Actually The Issue?

The problem when an appliance enters the fire station is often that the building structure serves to physically block the ingress of GPS signals. That means the last time the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) on-board the appliance received a live GPS signal was outside, just before the vehicle entered the building.

As a result of being parked under cover, the MDT will lose its GPS positional fix.  When leaving the station at the next callout, it can take several minutes to re-acquire a GPS fix.  During this time the firefighters have to find their way to the incident without the aid of the MDT.

Additionally, the MDT will be transmitting inaccurate location data to the Fire & Rescue Service control centre.  During the signal acquisition period, the control centre staff will see the location of the appliance on their screens as being still at the fire station.  The emergency response is compromised until the MDT re-acquires a positional fix and starts transmitting accurate, up-to-date information.

What Is The Solution To This?

The answer is investing in a GPS repeater. FalTech GPS repeater systems are designed to ensure that GPS signals are received by navigation equipment even when they’re on the fire station premises. This means when appliances leave the station, they will already have been able immediately to calculate an accurate route, due to their constant connection with the GPS satellites.

What Can A GPS Repeater Help Ensure?

A GPS repeater system helps ensure that there is no GPS downtime in the fire station. The GPS systems will always have a connection to the satellites above. This is important because it means they will be able to calculate routes immediately when required, and the control centre staff can be confident in the indicated location of their resources.

The upshot of this is that response times can be considerably reduced, as there is no risk of wrong information or directions being displayed. Similarly, control centres will always have access to the accurate location information they require, which means allocation and coordination of assets is easier and more effective. Ultimately, the system allows the whole team to have access to the same accurate data in a split second.

FalTech GPS repeaters are designed to offer the reliability demanded by busy fire stations, allowing complete confidence in the GPS equipment fitted to vehicles. Contact FalTech GPS to learn more, or to enquire today.

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Image source: Pixabay

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