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How To Prevent GPS Disruption In A Police Station

27th May 2021

GPS disruption in police stations can be a cause of unnecessary confusion and delays in response times. Understanding why the issue happens and the most effective path to resolving it is essential.

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Why Does The Problem Happen?

The issue is usually down to the construction of the police station, as the building essentially blocks the ingress of GPS signals. The net result of that is for officer’s radio communications equipment, the last “live” positional fix they will have received was when they were outside the building, prior to entry. That means while the equipment is inside, it will indicate false location information to the police control centre. This also means that it can take several valuable minutes to recalculate its position when officers leave the building.

Why Could This Be A Problem?

The main problems with this are the delays and the confusion that can occur when exiting the building, while the communications equipment is -establishing its connection to the satellites. During this time, which can be several minutes, it will still be transmitting positional updates from its last known location before entering the building.

This means that control centre operatives will be under the impression that the officer is still at the police station, even when they are mobile.

All of this means that inaccurate positional information can have a knock-on effect on response times and can make emergencies even more difficult to deal with.

How Can You Prevent This From Becoming A Problem?

The answer to the problem is a GPS repeater system. A repeater will make sure that all communications equipment inside the building receives a live signal. That means that the control centre can monitor an officer’s location when indoors as their radio will be always transmitting up-to-date location data.

As soon as the officer exits the building, there is no satellite acquisition delay, and their radio will continue to transmit accurate location data to the control centre from the outset.

This will help to minimise response times, as the control centre can always be confident of the indicated location of all assets, thanks to accurate GPS data.

Investing In A Faltech GPS Repeater System

A FalTech GPS repeater can help considerably to improve the GPS signal in your police station. With the FalTech GPS repeater, all radios will remain “locked on” to the GPS satellites at all times. The system has been designed from the ground up to offer the kind of reliable signal repeating necessary to give busy police stations the reliable GPS data they need.

Contact FalTech GPS to learn more.

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