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Why Does GPS Not Work In Some Buildings?

Technology is at the heart of society now and constantly evolving to help us live in an easier, safer and more convenient way. While the internet might be the biggest overall tech development in recent history, things like smart appliances and mobile phones also rank highly. Another stunning tech breakthrough we have seen over the last few decades is GPS. But what is it and why can getting a GPS signal indoors be tricky in most buildings?

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Do I Need a Licence To Operate a GPS Repeater?

A GPS repeater system (sometimes referred to as a GPS re-radiator) brings satellite signals indoors, providing positioning and timing signals inside areas where they are not usually present.

In common with any device that emits radio frequency (RF) signals, it has the potential to cause interference with any other RF system in its vicinity.

Most telecoms regulators, including Ofcom in the UK, require repeater users to purchase a license for their device.

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Four Reasons Why GPS Is Sometimes Inaccurate

In general, a GPS receiving device uses signal received from at least four satellites to compute latitude, longitude, altitude, and time.  The basic GPS service provides users with approximately 3-5 meter positional accuracy, 95% of the time, anywhere on or near the surface of the earth.

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GNSS vs GPS: What’s the Difference?

We occasionally get asked about the differences between GNSS and GPS.

Is there a difference, or are they basically the same? Are they related terms? Do I need a GPS repeater or a GNSS repeater?

This is a brief explanation of the relationship between GNSS and GPS.

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The Solution To The Problems Caused By A Lack Of GPS Signal Inside A Fire Station

Often, firefighting professionals encounter a serious problem with their GPS navigation systems when they leave their fire station in reaction to an emergency call out. Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) and any other satellite navigation equipment present can fail to provide accurate directions to the incident. This can have serious, and potentially fatal, consequences.

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