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Why Do Police Radios Struggle To Receive A GPS Signal When Indoors?

20th May 2021

Everyone knows that the police force in the UK is crucial to keeping us safe and reducing crime. As in all sectors now, the police use a variety of tech-based systems to help them in their role. One example is the hand-held portable radios officers use to communicate with. These police radios not only keep officers in touch with the control centre but also use GPS signals to identify where they are.

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One drawback with the radios most forces use though is that they struggle to get a GPS signal when inside buildings. But why is this?

Buildings Themselves Block GPS Signals

In simple terms, the structure of buildings physically block the ability of police radios to receive a GPS signal. The materials used to construct buildings and the enclosed nature of the space itself is a real barrier to getting this type of signal for officers. But why does this matter?

The impact of losing GPS signal when officers enter a building is that their location will not be correctly reported to the control centre. Instead, it will continue to be shown as the last time the radio did have an active signal – this is usually right before they entered the building!

When the officer leaves the building, it can take several minutes for the radio to re-acquire a GPS fix and start to transmit their current location to the control centre. As you can imagine, this type of incorrect information can prove very serious if an officer needs help or needs to be located quickly.

GPS Repeaters Can Help

A GPS repeater system ensures that this problem can be fixed and that an officer’s GPS signal is not lost at crucial times. But how can this system help specifically?

When fitted in a police station, the GPS repeater system enables a live signal to be received by portable radios when officers are inside the building.

When an officer exits the station there is no GPS signal acquisition delay. Their portable radio will transmit accurate location data to the control centre and help ensure that response times are met.

This means that control centre staff always have complete confidence in the indicated location of all resources.

GPS Repeater System From Faltech GPS Ltd

If you like the sound of what this system offers, get in touch with us today. Over the last 9 years, we have installed numerous GPS repeater systems in multiple police stations. This means we have the know-how and experience to deliver outstanding results. Call today on 01326 332120 for more details.

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Image source: Pixabay

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