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L1/L2 GPS repeater kits on sale – 25% off while stocks last

You may have noticed that the range of GPS repeater kits offered by FalTech has evolved nicely in recent months.

Our top-of-the-range repeater provides indoor coverage for four satellite services simultaneously, all in one neat enclosure measuring just 244 x 165 x 44mm.

Known as “L1L2G1GA” (catchy huh?) the repeater covers the following signals:

  • GPS L1
  • GPS L2
  • Galileo

So who needs this repeater?

While this combination of signals is very useful in a number of different applications, among them it seems that avionics engineers appreciate the ability to work on aircraft systems while they are inside the hangar.

This removes the need to push the aircraft outside the hangar to get a sky-view which is necessary to receive satellite signals.

The repeater is also useful for providing signal inside a workshop, where GPS devices can be operated and tested in an environment that is usually a signal-free zone (no more hanging out of windows).

One of the repeaters that has been superseded by the new all-singing, all-dancing quad band is the L1/L2 repeater.

Again this has been a favourite in the aviation community and has served us well but, now that its capabilities have been extended to include GLONASS and Galileo signals, the L1/L2-only device is being phased out.

Good news …

…… there is a limited number of brand new L1/L2 repeaters available at a very attractive reduced price.

They haven’t been sat on a shelf gathering dust for months either – they have only just been constructed.

They come with a 24 month warranty as standard – in line with all repeaters from the Roger-GPS range.

We are offering them for sale as part of a GPS repeater kit that includes the following:

  • GPS L1/L2 repeater with AC/DC power supply
  • Outdoor L1/L2 antenna
  • Coaxial feeder cable (10m, 20m, 30m)
  • Mounting kit for outdoor antenna
GPS L1/L2 REPEATER with GLONASS coverage
L1/L2 repeater GPS antenna Coaxial cable Antenna mount

How much is this L1/L2 kit?

It has been reduced by approximately 25% from the list price.

It has been offered to the whole Roger-GPS community world-wide, so this offer may not be available for very long.

For a brochure, price list or quote please drop us a line.

Or call 01326 336 444 for a chat.