GPS Repeaters – Current Legislation (Canada)

Licensing of GPS repeaters in Canada

Industry Canada is generally not in favour of widespread deployment of GPS active repeaters due to their potential (however limited) to interfere with the GPS service.  However it is possible to apply for a license to operate such a device.

Consequently, GPS active repeaters will be authorized as fixed radiodetermination service stations, as defined in the Radiocommunication Act, on a non-standard, no-protection, non-interference basis to other radio users.

Licences for GPS active repeater stations will normally be issued to Category 1 public safety agencies only (police, fire, emergency medical) and at the sole discretion of the District Director of the local Industry Canada Spectrum Management office.

A detailed document on the subject ”Licensing Procedure for Global Positioning System (GPS) Active Repeater Stations is available here


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