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GPS repeater system enables use of Limmex emergency watch indoors


An elderly gentleman, living in a remote English village, was feeling a little vulnerable.

Although fit and active, he wisely (and bravely perhaps) acknowledged that he isn’t as nimble as he once was.

His house is set in a large estate, with separate workshop, garage and office facilities in adjacent buildings.

GPS L1/L2 repeater upgraded to include GLONASS coverage – at no extra cost

The GPS L1/L2 repeater from Roger-GPS of Helsinki, Finland is a compact device that provides indoor GPS L1 and L2 signals in a single IP67 waterproof enclosure.

Measuring only 244mm x 165mm x 64mm, and weighing 610g, it packs a powerful punch.

It has a built-in re-radiating antenna, so when it’s mounted in a ceiling at a height of 10 metres the resultant coverage area at ground level is a circle of approx. 70 metres diameter.

The current stock of L1/L2 repeaters is almost all gone; a new improved version of the product will be available from 18 April.

Outwardly, it will look exactly the same but inside it will include a repeater for the Russian GLONASS constellation at 1602MHz.

Even better – the price stays the same as it was for the dual band option – three for the price of two!

When you need Iridium sat comms coverage indoors

In locations where there exists no terrestrial telephony infrastructure (fixed line or cellular), satellite telephones are available to fill the gap and provide vital communication links.

One of the best-known satellite telephony systems available today is owned and operated by US-based Iridium Communications Inc.

The Iridium constellation consists of 66 satellites rotating around the planet in low-earth-orbit, providing a truly global voice and data service wherever it is needed, including poles, oceans and airways.

Its comprehensive coverage footprint is the basis of a critical communication lifeline to a wide variety of users all over the world.

Installing a GPS repeater just got easier

Each installation requires a coaxial cable to connect the outdoor antenna to the indoor repeater unit, and the vast majority of GPS repeater kits provided by FalTech come with a 10 metre, 20 metre or 30 metre cable.

Sometimes, however, even a 10 metre cable is just too long.

GPS repeaters in a Transport Security role

FalTech GPS exhibited at the Transport Security (Transec) Expo at Olympia in December 2015.

We were supported by manufacturer Roger-GPS Ltd from Helsinki, Finland, our supplier of GPS repeater products.

The show was well attended and we enjoyed some very interesting and potentially fruitful conversations with professionals in the Transport Security field.