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When you need Iridium sat comms coverage indoors

16th March 2016

In locations where there exists no terrestrial telephony infrastructure (fixed line or cellular), satellite telephones are available to fill the gap and provide vital communication links.

One of the best-known satellite telephony systems available today is owned and operated by US-based Iridium Communications Inc.

The Iridium constellation consists of 66 satellites rotating around the planet in low-earth-orbit, providing a truly global voice and data service wherever it is needed, including poles, oceans and airways.

Its comprehensive coverage footprint is the basis of a critical communication lifeline to a wide variety of users all over the world.

 What happens when you need connectivity indoors or underground
and stepping outside to make calls is not an option?

FalTech GPS is offering a unique optical repeater solution that relays Iridium and GPS signals to any indoor space, allowing satellite communications to take place up to 3Km away from the outdoor antenna location.

No longer is it necessary to have sky view to use your sat phone or any other Iridium-based device.

This is a major advantage in a number of different scenarios, for example:

  • Aircraft maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inside a hangar
  • Underground emergency services facilities
  • Military bunkers
  • Large buildings
  • On board ships
  • Oil rigs

The transfer of Iridium and GPS signals from outdoor to indoor is via a repeater system that leverages the advantages of optical fibre, transmitting it up to 3Km along a pair of single-mode fibres.

Signal latency on optical fibre is all-but negligible and it can be installed in several hostile environments thanks to its immunity to electromagnetic interference and resistance to adverse physical conditions.


Application example

aircraft in hangarA good example of where an Iridium repeater system makes a big difference is in an aircraft maintenance hangar.

Avionics system testing can be carried out at any time, in any climate and in any weather – no need to take the aircraft outside the hangar.

Hangar doors remain closed, resulting in savings on heating/cooling costs.

Aircraft delivery times are reduced due to shorter testing process.

More detailed information is available here or contact us for a quotation.

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