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Installing a GPS repeater just got easier

16th February 2016

Each installation requires a coaxial cable to connect the outdoor antenna to the indoor repeater unit, and the vast majority of GPS repeater kits provided by FalTech come with a 10 metre, 20 metre or 30 metre cable.

Sometimes, however, even a 10 metre cable is just too long.

If the cable run is only 5 metres long, you would have to “lose” the unwanted 5 metres somewhere between antenna and repeater.

And we all know it’s not good practice to coil a coaxial cable, especially at frequencies of 1.5GHz.

Maybe the installation isn’t permanent and needs to be portable when your business demands it, a cable route to the roof isn’t available, or the landlord just won’t give you access to a cable riser.

For those occasions when a shorter cable will suffice, FalTech now offers a new repeater kit known as a QI – which stands for Quick Installation.

The indoor part – the repeater unit – is exactly the same; it’s just the antenna that’s different from the standard kit.  What you get in a QI kit is a small GPS patch antenna with 6 metre cable.

Why 6 metres? Well, this is generally long enough to allow the GPS antenna to be placed outside the building and still reach the repeater which is placed just inside the building/space where signal is required.

And it’s easily retrieved and stored for future use.

GPS patch antenna

With the small patch antenna measuring only 38 x 34 x 14mm, you have the option to place it outside a window on a flat surface, or even on top of a sea-container used as an office, store or workshop.

The patch antenna offers a good solution to the issue of permanently installing an antenna with 10M+ cable, as long as the following conditions are adhered to:

• Place the antenna outside the building, not inside on a windowsill, where its sky view isn’t blocked by adjacent buildings or structures

• Mount the patch antenna horizontally with its top surface facing up to the sky

• Ensure there is clear view to the sky to ensure you receive signals from at least 4 or 5 satellites

For pricing and availablility please contact FalTech and ask for an updated brochure with the QI-kit now included.




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