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GPS repeater with Galileo support available now (Dec 2016)

20th December 2016

The GPS repeater product range offered by FalTech GPS has been streamlined down to three sub-categories to support all the most widely used GNSS signals:

  • GPS L1 – the most commonly used signal that is used by satnav devices the world over; available in a standard IP51 (non-waterproof) enclosure.
  • GPS L1 with GLONASS and Galileo – the GLONASS signals come from the Russian satellite constellation and are often used in smart phones, for example, to provide extra accuracy and resilience.  The Galileo system is nearing completion and will offer an alternative positioning service upon which European nations can rely.  Available in standard IP51 and waterproof IP67 versions.
  • GPS L1 with GLONASS and Galileo plus GPS L2 – the L2 signals physically come from the same satellites as the L1 signals, on a different frequency.  Most often used by civilian and military aviation organisations, as well as surveyors, who need the extra accuracy afforded by the L2 signals.  All this in one compact IP67 enclosure.
GPS L1 repeater in standard IP51 enclosureQuad-band GPS repeater in IP67 enclosure
amplifiernL1L2 IP67 top


This very comprehensive range of repeaters is complemented by a range of fully-compatible accessories such as signal splitters and amplifiers to enable the engineering of large and complex custom designed systems for those applications that need it.

GPS repeaters are usually supplied as part of a range of kits to cover all requirements.

Technical data for each repeater is here


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