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FalTech GPS new products for L2 and GLONASS

17th March 2014

Over the last two years, GPS L1 repeater kits, operating at 1.575GHz, have made a real difference to the day-to-day operations of hundreds of companies and organisations.

For example:

  • A GPS repeater inside a fire station ensures that satellite navigation equipment in each appliance has a constant signal when indoors; so that when they leave the station they immediately acquire GPS lock.
  • Similarly, a repeater inside a police station ensures that all personal radios receive a live GPS signal while indoors. Upon exiting the station the radios immediately start to transmit accurate location data with zero acquisition delay.
  • A repeater inside an aircraft servicing hangar means that aeroplanes do not need to be taken outside to receive a signal. A GPS repeater system provides a signal over a large floor area – approx. 35M x 35M if the repeater is located 10M above floor level.
  • Electronics companies from a wide variety of backgrounds find that an indoor GPS signal removes the requirement to take GPS-enabled devices outdoors for testing.

Building on the continuing success of its L1 GPS repeater kits, the FalTech GPS product range has been extended to cover the L2 and GLONASS frequencies.

L1/L2 Repeater Kits

L1 L2 schematic

The L2 signal (1.227GHz) is most often used in conjunction with the L1 signal to provide greater positioning accuracy.

The L1/L2 kit comes with all you need for a successful installation, including:

  • L1/L2 GPS receiving antenna
  • Coaxial feeder cable
  • L1 repeater unit
  • L2 repeater unit
  • A 1:2 splitter unit with jumper cables

For more detailed information please take a look here.


L1/GLONASS Repeater Kits


The Russian satellite constellation, known as GLONASS, transmits its service at 1.602GHz.

The new L1/GLONASS repeater supports both frequencies ins a single repeater unit.

The L1/GLONASS kit contains all you need for installation, including:

  • L1/GLONASS antenna
  • Coaxial feeder cable
  • L1/GLONASS repeater unit

For more detailed information please take a look here.

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