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GPS repeater kit for L1 signals India

GPS repeater kit for L1 signals (1575.42 MHz)

Bring GPS L1 signals inside your building using our fully-certified, tried-and-tested GPS repeater kit

Provide sky-view to GPS receivers while indoors; no need to go outside

Schematic diagram showing GPS repeater kit for L1 signals

Each kit contains:

  • 40dB gain active L1 receiving antenna

  • Flexible antenna mount system
  • Coaxial cable; 10M, 20M or 30M
  • Variable-gain repeater unit
  • AC/DC power adapter

Installation of a GPS repeater kit is straightforward; a guide is provided with each kit.

FalTech is happy to advise on specific installation issues; below is a quick overview of the process involved.

  • To ensure that the GPS repeater receives the best possible signal, the outdoor antenna should ideally be placed on a roof where it has an uninterrupted 360° view of the sky.
  • Keep the antenna away from other equipment that may be present on the roof, such as mobile telephony masts, microwave transmitters and air-conditioning units.
  • If it is not practical to install the antenna on the roof, it can be mounted on south-facing wall, using appropriate hardware.
  • Install the coaxial cable from the antenna to the indoor GPS repeater unit.
  • Place the GPS repeater unit indoors, on any vertical or horizontal surface, where clear line-of-sight is available to any device(s) that need to receive GPS satellite signals.
  • Connect the power to the repeater unit via the supplied AC/DC adapter.
  • Adjust the gain control to the optimum setting by observing the multi-coloured status LED on the repeater.

We welcome enquiries from anywhere in India, including Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad,

Chennai, Jaipur, Patna, Bhopal, Pune, Gurgaon

We ship to India using DHL Express – the service usually takes approximately 2-3 days.

No VAT is payable when exporting from UK to India, although some import duty may be due.

Shipments are accompanied by a commercial invoice with all relevant data included.

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