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The Solution To The Problems Caused By A Lack Of GPS Signal Inside A Fire Station

Often, firefighting professionals encounter a serious problem with their GPS navigation systems when they leave their fire station in reaction to an emergency call out. Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) and any other satellite navigation equipment present can fail to provide accurate directions to the incident. This can have serious, and potentially fatal, consequences.

How To Solve Your Fire Station GPS Coverage Problem

Many fire stations encounter the issue of a lack of GPS coverage inside the building. This can result in unnecessary delays and longer callout times, as well as increased general confusion. Fortunately, the solution to the problem is relatively simple.

Why Do Police Radios Struggle To Receive A GPS Signal When Indoors?

Everyone knows that the police force in the UK is crucial to keeping us safe and reducing crime. As in all sectors now, the police use a variety of tech-based systems to help them in their role. One example is the hand-held portable radios officers use to communicate with. These police radios not only keep officers in touch with the control centre but also use GPS signals to identify where they are.

Even a best-selling GPS repeater has to retire at some point

So, we reach the end of an era ….

Since 2012, the mainstay of our product range has been the GPSR-1 repeater from Finnish manufacturer Roger GPS. We have sold hundreds of them, usually as part of a GPS repeater kit complete with an antenna, a coaxial cable and all the fixings.

It proved to be extremely reliable in a wide range of applications for those who need GPS L1 signals inside their premises.